Welcome to GET Travel Sports! Since 1985,our company has been providing premier travel related services to Athletes, Coaches, Families and Spectators worldwide.

GET Travel Sports is proud of our 30 years of affiliation with the travel industry’s most well-known and well-respected sports organizations. Our partnerships with National Tournament Organizations, Sports Destination & Venues, Sports Travel Suppliers, and Event Directors help us assist teams in creating safe, high quality, affordable and memorable sports travel experiences.



GET Travel Sports is a full-service travel provider offering teams & individuals from every sports segment, a full array of travel-related needs. Let us be your one-stop-shop for:
  • Hotel Rooms
  • Transportation
  • Attractions & Tours
  • Meal Deals
  • Insurance
  • Fund Raising
  • Academic Credit
  •

About Us

As America's Top Amateur Sports Travel Provider, we pride ourselves on offering Individuals, Teams, & Event Directors a full array of travel-related programs including:
  • Top Quality Travel Services
  • Event Travel Marketing and Social Media Resources
  • Event Travel Sales Resources
  • On-Site Staff
  •

Event Partners


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