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Welcome to the Official Disney 3v3 National Championships Travel Website!

Location: ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex
Tournament - January 17-19-2015

Coach Registration on January 16, 2015

This site is designed to give your team all the various travel options available for the Disney 3v3 National Championships at the WALT DISNEY WORLD® Resort near Orlando, Florida. Use this site for all your travel needs. Included on this site are the following options:

Program Hotel Accommodations WALT DISNEY WORLD® Resort Theme Park Tickets

Transportation & Travel Resources Team Coach Checklist Pre-Travel Guide

Housing Policy - MANDATORY: All teams, except as noted below, are subject to book lodging through the Disney designated travel provider, GET Travel Sports, as a condition to compete at the event.

  • Teams that are located within a 75 mile driving distance of the ESPN’s Wide World of Sports Complex are not required to book accommodations.
  • Teams that are located within a 90 mile driving distance of the ESPN’s Wide World of Sports Complex and have a drive time of less than 90 minutes are not required to book.
  • All teams over 90 miles are expected to as a condition to compete - no exceptions
  • Addresses used for the determination of the distance/time will be the address of ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex and the team’s primary contact
  • Google Maps™ or other approved online mapping services will be used to determine driving distance and time.

Thanks for your participation in the tournament!

How to make a reservation!
For travel information or reservations, please do one of the following:
  1. Call our toll free number at (888) 877-4445, option 3
    Business hours are Monday – Friday 7:30am to 5:00pm Pacific Standard Time (California)
  2. Book online
    1. Make sure your team is registered to participate in the event (Coaches please download the Team Coach Checklist above). Registration contact can be made in the follow ways:
    2. Review and Choose your Accommodations and WALT DISNEY WORLD® Theme Park Ticket Options, then click "book now" for individual reservations.If you need to hold a block of rooms or take a room from your established team block, please call our toll free number above or email Please allow 24-48 hours for new registration to show up in our teams list for online booking.
    3. For transportation, click on the "Transportation" link. Review options and information, then follow booking steps if applicable to you.
    4. For more information on team registration or tournament questions⁄needs, visit here

Thank you for your participation in this prestigious event! We are committed to providing your team the absolute BEST in travel options and customer service for your attendance at the Disney 3v3 National Championships!

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